Monday, April 08, 2002

The Movie I Watched Last Night XVI
Friday: Y Su Mama Tambien
Another midlife crisis-like movie, compare this to American Beauty. Two teenage Mexican boys face the absence of their girlfriends for the first time. A beautiful Spanish woman faces the absence of her philandering husband, who's away at an academic conference. The three team up for an off-the-cuff weekend adventure to a beach called "Heaven's Mouth," a beach the boys thought they'd made up to lure the woman on a road trip. Along the way, friendships are tested, sexual identity is questioned, and all three rediscover their freedom and sensuality. The movie's not as racy as reviews have made it out to be, but for the big screen, I guess it is just outside of what isn't racy. The soundtrack is awesome, despite some awkward sound edits to accommodate the voiceover. And the humor inherent in this story of sexual awakening and rediscovery is welcome. Despite some beautiful seaside shots, the movie might not warrant a viewing in the theater. But it's definitely worth renting. Especially with a lover or partner.

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