Monday, April 22, 2002

'Tis the Season to Be... AWOL III
Ouch. This is what happens when I go away for a week. I came into the office this morning to 600-plus emails in my personal in box -- mostly spam, which made the deleting free and easy -- and just under 1,500 emails in my work in box. I just finished scouring the personal emails, and now I'm cracking the work in box. It's times like this that make me wish, sometimes but never for long, that I wasn't as well connected as I am.

Not really. Send me an email. Tell me whether you've ever been to Italy or France. Regale me with travel horror stories. Let me know what you're reading. Punctuate my day as I catch up on email. Your emails will be real; the messages I'm combing through now have the air of the past, of transience and obsolescence. They're still important, granted, but they don't feel like they're of the now. And now that I'm finally back in Boston, I'm a little tired of transience; I need more of the now.

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