Wednesday, April 03, 2002

Read But Dead VI
Just learned that Darwin magazine, sister pub to my previous employer, CIO, has gone the way of the shade. Lexis-Nexis reports that "Darwin suspended publication due to declining advertising revenue and other financial difficulties." The April 2002 issue will be the final print issue, but the Darwin Web will remain until further notice.

And, while Lexis-Nexis says, "No layoffs have been announced," two friends were recently let go from CIO, which leads me to believe that folks are being laid off because of Darwin's passing -- and the general situation at CIO.

I won't really miss Darwin because I never really got its concept -- seemed to be a return to work we did on Enterprise, an IT magazine aimed at non-tech CXO's, but with an odd technorealist, skeptical bent. The magazine never made good on its dark promise, and I'm not convinced a tech trade mag for non-technologists is a valid proposition. (A consumer mag, maybe.) But I'll mourn its passing because I know that it was Lew's baby.

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