Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Today Is My Birthday
I turn 29 today. And I'm kinda sad about that. I'm not married. I haven't made my first million. My apartment's a mess. And I'm no longer the young man who's accomplished a surprising amount. My knees even creak. My left knee, to be exact. But it's a beautiful day in Boston -- balmy spring-like weather! Last night, I had fun at Paddy Burke's with some friends, I met a super-cute girl, and I had a good post-breakup conversation and confusing affectionate goodnight with the ex-girlfriend. I've already talked to my folks this morning, and I've gotten several nice birthday emails from friends and members of the Company of Friends -- even one of my credit card companies sent me a birthday email. Finally, there's an awesome show tonight -- the Indie-Rock Mini-Circus at TT the Bear's. Not bad for a Tuesday!

Those are hints. Because you can help make my birthday even better. "How?" you may ask. A good question. Let me make the following suggestions:

  • Email me.
  • Sign up for the Media Diet mailing list.
  • Visit and post something in the Media Diet discussion forum.
  • Mail a mix tape to the address on the left.
  • Buy yourself a gift -- the Dan Buck book I edited or an Anchormen CD.

    Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear Heath, happy birthday to me.
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