Thursday, February 14, 2002

Publishing with a Purpose
Tomorrow's the last day you can sign up as a member of the Soft Skull Nation, a membership organization designed to more actively involve politically and culturally aware people in the production and promotion of Soft Skull Press' books and other activities. Membership has its benefits. In addition to a friendly discount on Soft Skull's publications, members of Soft Skull Nation will also get an inside look at the company's operations, challenges, and opportunities; sneak previews of forthcoming titles; and access to wonderful writing not available elsewhere.

Projects like this -- and Giant Robot magazine's efforts -- bode well for independent publishing... and media in general. Why can't we subscribe to receive forthcoming books from our favorite publishers? Why can't we sign up for new records as they're released by our favorite indie labels? I think we should be able to, and I think it'd benefit producers of independent media.

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