Monday, February 11, 2002

Rock Shows of Note II
The day after I took my tumble at Stony Brook, I went back to Jamaica Plain -- and back to Hi-Fi Records -- to see a couple of bands play. First up, my friends Jef and Dave performing as a yet-to-be-named duo. The Awesome Nads, Jef and Dave's new thing, DGXJC, Radio Shaq, or whatever they're going to call themselves were awesome. Using a synthesizer, guitar, boom box, radio, beats burned on a CD, and a handheld audio memo recorder, Jef and Dave rocked the house with a mix of goth, techno, video game, and drama rock music. Someone recorded the performance; it'll be neat to see how the tape turned out.

Next up, Spoilsport, a sunny pop foursome that'd be equally at home sharing the stage with Junior Varsity and other twee pop bands, or some of the older Bay Area pop-punk wunderkinds. Think Twee Kitten. Or Mutant Pop. Their laid-back and friendly set featured lots of sugary harmonic pop and some country- and surf-influenced numbers, as well. It's a shame Boston's not home to more bands like this. Their sound is refreshing, and their personalities disarming. One of my newest favorite bands.

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