Monday, February 11, 2002

Near-Death Experience II
Two in one week. Not so good. Friday night after work, as I was crossing the street after getting off the T at Stony Brook station in Jamaica Plain, I tripped on a ridge in the middle of the road. One lane had settled and sunk a little, so there was a two-inch or so ledge between the two lanes. My foot caught on that, I stumbled for several steps trying to regain my balance, and then I went down, catching myself on my palms and knees.

My palms got pretty scraped up. Blood running down my hands. So I hurry to the Hi-Fi hoping that my friend Dave hadn't closed up and gone home yet. He was still there cleaning up for the evening, and he let me in to wash my hands, bandage my palms, and sit out the little wave of shock I experienced.

It looks like my hands are starting to heal nicely, but they haven't scabbed over as fast as I had hoped. So I continue to wear bandages on my hand -- the one on the right covering almost half my palm -- and I continue to have trouble gripping anything heavy, doing the dishes stinking up my sink at home (I can't see myself submersing my hands in hot dish water quite yet.), etc. Blech. I hate stuff like this.

Lessons learned:
  • When crossing the street at an unfamiliar or poorly illuminated intersection, always look down; the road surface might be uneven even in a crosswalk.
  • Never jaywalk; I shudder to think what this experience would've been like if I'd been hurrying against traffic.
  • Always keep bandages, anti-bacterial creme, and other first-aid stuff in stock at home so you don't have to go to the drug store to get it when you really need it.

    Hope my hands heal quickly!
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