Friday, February 08, 2002

Rock Shows of Note
As mentioned previously in the Media Diet forum, there was a big, five-band bill at the Middle East Upstairs last night. After hanging out at the bar for a spell, talking to Jef, Steph, and Cheryl -- and making hesitant eyes at a cute girl at the bar -- I made my way with the gang into the Suntan, Circle & Square, Place, Helms, and Victory at Sea show. Man, was it crowded! Filled to the gills. We just caught the end of Circle & Square's set, high-energy math rock performed by a quartet of what appeared to be high schoolers from New York -- one wearing a Les Savy Fav T-shirt, and all of them overjoyed to be there. I wish I'd caught more of their set, but I'll check 'em out later -- didn't pick up their CD because it was four songs for $5. Steep!

Then, Placer. Another four piece with an interesting makeup. There was an assumedly drunk steel guitar player who made all sorts of goofy grins and grimaces. Creepy! A female bassist who jumped all over the place and sang in a slightly PJ Harvey caterwaul. And a too-tall-for-the-microphone stand guitarist who sang hoarsely and about as atonally as I do. Interesting, but too crowded, too hot, and too loud! I tried to maintain my stamina, but when Placer finished their set I realized that there was no way I could make it through the forthcoming Helms set. Helms is also extremely loud and dense. Punishing. So, sad that I would yet again miss Victory at Sea, I left.

The walk home was cold.

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