Tuesday, February 05, 2002

Near-Death Experience
I'm being overdramatic, but I almost got hit by a car last night. I was walking home from work, just after getting off the T at Central Square. Towing a suitcase from last week -- lazy me left it at work for a week after a quick trip to New Jersey -- and carrying two courier bags, I neared the intersection of Green and Magazine streets right by the bus station. There's a crosswalk there, and a stop sign as Green Street intersects with Magazine Street.

There was a car coming to the intersection, but it was quite a ways back, with plenty of time to stop at the intersection. I step into the intersection, start walking across the street, and the car doesn't stop! I jump-step ahead to avoid getting hit as the car crosses the crosswalk at probably 20-25 miles per hour. "Dude, stop sign!" I yell, pointing. Another pedestrian also yells, "Stop sign!" at the car, driven by an older man who is yelling at me from inside the car. He continues yelling at me as he pulls through the intersection, almost getting hit by a bus pulling into the station before he eventually crosses River and Western streets at the light to go wherever he was headed.

Lessons learned:
  • Just because there's a stop sign doesn't mean that drivers will respect it.
  • Never underestimate how fast a car is going even if they're supposed to slow and stop.
  • Get the license plate number if you can.

    I should've reported the dude. Nevertheless, I was extra, extra careful at the next two intersections, looking both ways even when it was a one-way street. Cars are coffins.
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