Monday, February 25, 2002

Anthology in the UK
Ninth Art's headline is so good, I'm just going to crib the thing. Britain has a long, long history of publishing, promoting, and supporting anthology comics -- multigenre books that collect ongoing serials. Lindsay Duff takes a look at the history of the British comics anthology, concentrating on such titles as Eagle and Beano, both of which I used to cherish and devour when my English penpals would send me copies.

While Duff doesn't draw any parallels to other European comics anthologies (a la Stereoscomic, Stripburek, and the like) -- or Japanese manga weeklies, for that matter -- the topic begs a deeper analysis. Why has almost every other country in the world been able to support multi-creator, multi-story, and multi-genre comics titles while the US fell into a default single-story pamphlet format?

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