Thursday, February 21, 2002

Humor Me
In December, I indexed an issue of Blast, a Mad-like humor magazine published in the '70s. I recently obtained a few other non-Mad parody magazines. Occasionally, I will index them. Like this:

Grin #2, January 1973, APAG House Publications Inc., NYC, NY (40 cents)

Presented by Gerald Rothberg

Cover: Gary Burdick photo of a grinning man on the moon. Cover lines: The American Funny Book; Marcus Swelby: Acupuncturist; The Ultimate News Team; The Orangework Clock; Saer Catalogue -- Everything You Never Wanted Anyway; Bonus! Naughty Santa Poster; Plus Grin Xmas Seals; Ralph Nader As the Man from La Mancha.

p. 8 Orangework Clock w/John Norment, d/Alan Kupperberg and Jack Abel... Movie adaptation in which punks beat up Santa, rape a woman, drink milk, sing hymns, and repent. Spot color (red) in six panels

p. 19 The Ultimate News Team w/Fred Wolf, d/Jack Sparling... TV newsmen have it out while gorilla cameramen look on and play chess. Plenty of commentary on objectivity, foreign affairs, and crime coverage

p. 23 All They Need for Xmas Is... w/Fred Wolf, d/Frank Springer... Christmas wishes for Chairman Mao, Peter Lorre, Sophia Loren, Wilt Chamberlain, Timothy Leary, Mama Cass, Nader, and Walter Cronkite

p. 25 The Grin Catalogue of Xmas, $mas and Sexmas Gifts w/Fred Wolf, d/Tony Tallarico... Your traditional catalog parody taking on gay liberation, makeup, hookers, highjackers, and draft dodgers. Spot color (red) on four pages

p. 29 Don Quixote w/Fred Wolf, d/Tony Tallarico... Recast Nader as the lead and his presidential campaign is even funnier. Nice Mayor Lindsay panel on p. 33

p. 38 Grin's Kris Kringles w/Fred Wolf, d/Frank Springer... Damn this Christmas issue! Ethnic reworkings of the holiday's figurehead for Jews, Poles, Blacks, feminists, Danes, and Eskimos

p. 42 Marcus Swellby, Acupuncturist w/John Norment, d/Tony Tallarico... A mystery, some needles, a monster, and not much else

p. 50 Grin Christmas Seals w/Fred Wolf, d/Tony Tallarico... A 48-panel Joe Matt-like look at the holiday of holidays. Santa gets a parking ticket, gets shat on by a bird, gets beat up, gets shot at by some interrupted lovers, meets a little girl, and goes to the doctor. By far the best thing in the issue. Tallarico's art is best presented small. Did I mention the spot color (red)?

Ads: American Cancer Society p. 4, Movie Buys p. 5, Columbia House Tape Club p. 6, Columbia House Record Club p. 36, Circus magazine p. 41
Extras: Grin Poster #2: "The Spirit of $mas Present"

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