Thursday, February 07, 2002

Donnas, Na Na Donnas, Hey Hey Yeah, Goodbye
From Lookout! Records' Watchdog email newsletter:

"With both sadness and excitement, we are ready to announce that The Donnas have indeed signed with Atlantic Records for their next records. Sadness because we will miss dealing with the day to day work of releasing Donnas records, but excited and totally supportive of the new opportunities Atlantic will help The Donnas achieve. Lookout! has worked with The Donnas for the past five years, and we've enjoyed great success together. We will do everything we can to keep the integrity of the Lookout!/Donnas catalog intact. Before the release of the new Atlantic album, we will continue to work 'Turn 21,' and in fact, there are a few exciting Lookout! Donas-related items in the works right now that you should know about.

  • Next Tuesday, Feb. 12, you can hear 'Are You Gonna Move It For Me' from The Donnas 'Turn 21' on the TV show 'Roswell,' which airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. on UPN.
  • They will be headlining Saturday night of the Noise Pop Festival in San Francisco on March 2, 2002. Also on the bill are Lookout! darlings The Pattern.

    "We know it is controversial for a band to leave an indie for a major, but for what it's worth, we at Lookout! Couldn't be more happy or excited for our girls. And they will always be 'our' girls."
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