Wednesday, February 06, 2002

Blogger? I Hardly Know Her!
Paralleling the Great Zine Discovery by the mainstream media in the mid-'90s, the mainstream is finally embracing blogs. Time sports a feature enticingly titled "Pssst. Wanna See My Blog?" mimicking the dismissive cattiness with which the major news magazines welcomed zines -- leading with a RuPaul reference, which only highlights the fringe elements of blogging, not its promise.

Similarly, John Dvorak contributes a piece to PC Magazine that -- while half-heartedly attempting to distance himself from the "mainstream media" -- also exudes the giddy cluelessness that mainstream journalists originally brought the Web as he proclaims, "The vanity page is dead; long live the Blog." Whatever. Blogs can still be vanity projects.

That said, Dvorak does try to offer some insight on why people -- like me -- blog. Why do you blog? Take the Media Diet poll!

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