Friday, September 20, 2002

The Restaurant I Ate at Last Night XIII
After arriving in Richmond around 8 p.m., and dropping off my luggage at the Linden Row Inn across the street from the Richmond Public Library, I needed a bite to eat. Upon the recommendation of the local Company of Friends coordinator -- bolstered by the enthusiastic endorsement of the hotel manager -- I set off on foot walking down Main Street through the Virginia Commonwealth University campus to find Bandito's Burrito Lounge.

It was a great place to eat. With a metallic ceiling and interesting jukebox, the restaurant had attracted a fair Thursday-night crowd, including a large, rambunctious group of about 20 college students who were spilling over from their long banquet-style table. I couldn't tell what they were celebrating, but the pitchers of beer kept coming. When my order came, it was exactly what I had ordered: chips and salsa, a spinach and mushroom quesadilla, and a Red Hook ESB. Good, simple food. Just what I needed.

Next to Bandito's is a function room called the El Diablo. Supposedly, people and groups can rent it out, but it seems like it'd be perfect for shows. I wonder if there's a stage back there, and I wonder if what I thought were occasional strains of live music was actually just the jukebox. Hmm...

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