Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Must-See TV
Here's what I'd like to see on TV and available on video and DVD:

Your Southernmost Window

A series of half hour programs

What you can do with one south-facing window -- or how to live within a solar budget, including designs viewers can replicate at home to provide heat, light, and ventilation; and stimulate ecological growth.

Program 1: "What You Can See from a Window" -- one square foot of sunlight, orientation to the sun, design principles, window types, glazing, heat loss, infiltration, insulation, heating ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC), air purification, and breathing

Program 2: "Every Window in the House" -- window types take 2, radiation and convection, caulking and weatherstripping, drafts and infiltration, how to chart your airflows, how to use them, window insulation, and whole house HVAC

Program 3: "The Electric Window" -- solar electricity/photovoltaic/PV, small battery charger, solar/dynamo flashlight radio, one window systems, permanent emergency capacity, and battery switching and your car

Program 4: "Hot and Cold Windows" -- windowbox heaters, passive and active ventilators, advanced airflow usage, active and passive water heating, your northernmost window, and a nod to refrigeration

Program 5: "The Greenhouse Window" -- windowsill gardens, bubbling out/bubbling in, heat storage, aquaculture, vermiculture, and ecological housekeeping, and the neighborhood

Program 6: "Most Windows in Town" -- what if everybody did it?, the economics of sunlight, physics is international, a range of possibilities, systems thinking from community to region to country to world

Thanks to George Mokray.

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