Friday, September 13, 2002

Discontinuing Education
Last weekend, Koshka and I were signed up to take a class through the Cambridge Center for Adult Education. No longer listed in the center's online catalog, the class was an early-morning historical walk along the edge of Boston Harbor. It was postponed because the instructor was injured in an accident of some sort, and then it was canceled. I hope the instructor's health improves, but we were pretty bummed. While Koshka takes a lot of classes at the center, this was the first continuing education class I've ever signed up for. I was really interested in learning about some of the old pirate coves, former musket ball factories, and other pieces of lost history along the harbor's edge. I'm going to contact the center to see if I can learn what source materials the instructor used to create the class's itinerary. It'd probably make for fascinating reading.

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