Thursday, September 19, 2002

On the Road Again III
In about four and a half hours, I head to the airport to fly to Richmond, Virginia, the first city in the CoF Roadshow. For the next six weeks, I'll be driving a VW Passat W8 wagon from Virginia to Vermont, visiting Fast Company readers, interviewing local business leaders, and meeting with local groups of the Company of Friends, Fast Company's readers' network. Along the way, I'll be writing almost-daily diary entries about where I am, who I meet, and what I learn.

While I hope to update Media Diet while traveling, the Roadshow diaries and reportage will take precedence. That doesn't mean that Media Diet is dead (long live Media Diet!). It just means that it's resting. I'll try to pop in every so often, but chances are good that Media Diet won't be on a regular schedule again until November.

If you'd like to recommend bookstores, comic shops, record stores, restaurants, or people I should meet along the way, I'd welcome your suggestions. Check my itinerary and let me know what you know about the cities along the way.

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