Wednesday, September 18, 2002

From the In Box: Blogging About Blogging XXXII
Nice blog, very local, and not so medial (?) as I remember it being. I like reading about places I don't know and never will. But Kal-El wants his name back; he's real pissed.

As a not-published-enough writer, I blog compulsively. But it's OK; it's not a problem really. Great outlet, isn't it?
-- Lorraine Murphy

Good to hear from you! What do you mean by "medial"? "Media-related"? The opposite of "remedial"?

As far as my email address at the Well goes, "kalel" was partially inspired by my penchant for comic books -- although I wouldn't be seen in public reading Superman -- it's also an abbreviation of sorts for a zine I published from 1991-2001: Karma Lapel. Media Diet was a one-shot zine side project I did while still publishing Karma Lapel -- there's even a "lost issue" I completed but never published. This blog is in many ways the evolution of my thinking behind the original Media Diet -- a combination of personal writing, meta-media DIY platform establishment, media criticism and analysis, and straight-up commentary and review.

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