Tuesday, September 17, 2002

The Restaurant I Ate at Last Night XII
Last night before going home after work, I stopped by the Good Life on Central Square to avail myself of their $1 burger special. This week -- all week -- the Good Life is offering its "classic" cheeseburgers for $1. You get your choice of cheddar, swiss, or American cheese (perhaps even blue cheese), and the burger comes with a side of fries. I ordered mine medium with swiss, and while a little pink -- every restaurant does burger differently, and I've gotten tired of overcooked medium wells -- it was a tasty, tasty meal. Even the fries are good. Not bad for a dollar. Even with a bottle of Sierra Nevada, my dinner came to about $5.50, and I tipped high because of the deal and because my waiter was new. "Break him in," the hostess said.

The restaurant was near empty, so I had a booth to myself on the main floor. There were perhaps two other tables taken, one with a fellow also taking advantage of the $1 burger, and one with a couple. The bar side had more patrons. Don't take the Good Life's emptiness as a sign of bad food or atmosphere. The food is good. The decor dark and cozy -- perfect for reading John Brunner -- and the wait staff is friendly.

$1 burgers. All this week at the Good Life on Central Square. Hop to it.

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