Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Corollary: The Restaurant I Ate at Last Night XII
Went to the Good Life again last night to take advantage of the $1 burger special. My friend Hiromi was working, and I got a seat in her section. The taps were working, so I was able to get a Harpoon IPA instead of a bottled beer in addition to the burger, which I ordered medium well instead of medium. It was much, much better. The kitchen staff skipped the cheese this time, even though I ordered it with swiss, but that's understandable; the restaurant was much busier -- much busier -- than it was Monday night. Word is they went through 16 cases of burgers. At 20 a case, that's 320 burgers. What are they, McDonald's? In fact, they had to close the kitchen an hour early because they ran out of patties.

Today, Hiromi told me that friends Chris and Em also stopped by, even sitting at the same table. So word is spreading! If you're local, tell your friends. The deal runs all week. It'd be interesting to track the word-of-mouth dissemination of a special like this. I haven't seen any ads for the promotion, and if Hiromi hadn't told me about it, I probably never would have known. The Good Life doesn't even have a sandwich board on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant.

$1 burgers. Just don't order one with water and tip 30 cents.

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