Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Comics and Controversy
A professor at MIT recently came under fire for appropriating an image from the comic book Radix in a $50 million research proposal. Here's the back story:

  • USA Today: MIT's Future Soldier Resembles Comic-Book Heroine
  • Wired News: America's Might: A Comic Tale
  • The Tech: MIT Used Comic Art for Grant Proposal
  • New York Post: MIT Had Designs on Comic Book War Gear
  • Wizard: MIT Swipes Comic Art
  • MIT News: Professor Writes Artist to Apologize for Inadvertent Use of Comic Book Image
  • Slashdot: MIT Steals Comic Book Character

    I don't have a lot to say about this, but several things strike me. The Tech notes that the use of the comic art didn't help the proposal. Um, have you read Radix? Secondly, a Slashdot contributor is wise to wonder whether MIT's use of the image negatively affected the comic book's credibility and status (as the creators claim). Um, have you read Radix? Lastly, if Prof. Edwin Thomas is telling the truth when he says that his daughter -- a graphic artist -- selected the image, how good a graphic artist can she be? Have you read Radix?
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