Friday, September 20, 2002

Reports from the Road III
I still owe you a report from my trip to Indiana, but I thought it'd be good to get a start on documenting my personal time while on the CoF Roadshow. I won't have a lot of down time while working on this project, but when I do, I'll weigh in with some snapshots and commentary on the people, places, and things I encounter in the cities I visit.

Edgar Allan Poe, Irene Gibson, and Nancy Astor lived here.

None of the fireplaces at the Linden works any more.

Bed head.

The view from just outside my room.

Looking down into the "enchanted" garden.

Check out this building!

Signs of the times.

Then: A house. Now: Parking lots.

VCU graffiti.

In case you eat too much at Bandito's.

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