Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Corollary: These Links Were Made for Breaking? VIII

Maybe I was too early an adopter of Friendster when I first wrote about it in December. I was initially frustrated by the Web service because there weren't enough people in the system for me to connect to many. Now, however, I'm starting to reach some sort of critical mass. With only 15 friends, I'm connected to more than 15,500 people. Already, I've had a conversation with Jen about how Friendster oddly formalizes connections and friendships that have pre-existed for years: "It's official!" And I just learned now that someone I just met online recently -- Gregory Blake, who helped me get my RSS feed up and running -- and I are connected 10 different ways to three degrees of separation. We would've met eventually anyway! I'm slowly warming to the service despite my early snarkiness.

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