Thursday, May 08, 2003

See You in the Funny Pages XII

In today's installment of Get Fuzzy, Boston-based cartoonist Darby Conley proposes a new movie rating: NC-99. "Absolutely nobody under 99 allowed to see it!" I like the idea of movie ratings that are more specific. But do we really need rating systems?

In Reader's Digest Canada, Rod Gustafson wonders whether viewers can trust movie ratings. Gretchen Ellis proposes some alternate meanings for the ratings. And Franklin Harris thinks we should get rid of them entirely.

For video games, we've got the Entertainment Software Rating Board's rating system. Joseph Lieberman doesn't think these ratings work either. David Walsh and Douglas Gentile have researched their validity. Gamersmark lays into "dumbass parents."

Online, there's the Internet Content Rating Association. And PC World wonders whether you can trust e-commerce rating services. "Who's rating the raters?"

The Comics Code Authority. The struggling Underwriters Laboratories. So many ratings organizations!

I had no idea there were so many. I just don't ever pay attention to them. Outside of Consumer Reports, ratings don't influence my buying habits. They mean nothing to me. They bring neither comfort nor confidence.

Regardless, I am going to rate this Media Diet entry PG. Pretty Good.

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