Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Ravaging Radio VIII

It's being hyped as Tivo for your radio, and PoGo! Product's Radio YourWay digital AM/FM radio recorder looks promising. Combining a digital voice recorder, MP3 player, and on-the-fly or scheduled digital recording of radio broadcasts, the YourWay might work well for people who don't like sticking near their stereos. Scheduled to ship later this month, the YourWay is available for pre-order now.

While I like the idea of regularly recording radio shows such as WMBR's Breakfast of Champions or Pipeline! without having to be home or aware of the time, I'm slightly skeptical of the YourWay's portable radio stature. The quality of the recordings will be totally dependent on the device's location while recording, and the assumed mindfulness required to make sure you're getting good reception while recording seems to indicate that you can't just carry this with you all the time. I wonder whether a more stereo peripheral-based, streaming radio computer-based, or satellite radio recording approach might not be more promising.

Regardless, it's interesting to think about saving radio broadcasts on my laptop, and I must admit that I'm tempted. I just emailed them to see if the device is Mac compatible. It is not. Well, that's that. Maybe I should just get the Garmin Geko GPS device I've been coveting instead.

Thanks to Lockergnome.

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