Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Geocache Me If You Can

Oh, I love my new Geko 201. It's going to totally change how I think about place -- and being in between places. Last night, as my mom and I walked through the Public Garden and Boston Common to the Park Street T station, we used it to keep track of what direction we were walking in and how far we'd gone. I can't get over the fact that satellites in orbit around the Earth are sending messages to this little green device in my hand.

This morning, I took a break from work to try to find my first Geocache in the North End. I couldn't find it and started feeling self-conscious because there were other people around. I went back during a brief lunch break and still couldn't find it. It looks as though they've recently planted some shrubbery in the area, perhaps laying new cedar chips and cleaning up some of the trash accumulated over the winter, so it might no longer be there. I'll wait for a less overcast day to see if my accuracy improves.

Until then, there's a Geocache not far from where I live. Maybe I'll track that down tomorrow evening.

I work at N 42o 21.895' W 071o 03.489'. Satellites are speaking to me!

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