Monday, May 19, 2003

Comics and Controversy III

The American Family Association is targeting the Make-a-Wish Foundation for receiving funds raised at the recent Pittsburgh Comicon. Because the convention featured models, including former Playboy Playmates who were fully clothed, along with the usual booths selling comics, games, and fantasy art, as well as Playboy back issues, the AFA contends that the Pittsburgh Comicon was a "porn convention" including "pornographic programs."

In the past, the AFA has boycotted Disney, called for decreased funding of the NEA, and vehemently opposed homosexuality. The AFA has also boycotted Kmart, "one of the largest distributors of pornography in America." More accomplishments mentioned in their 1994 annual report paint a pretty complete picture of where the organization stands.

What I'd like to see is where the AFA's funding comes from. Especially the money they used to publish their anti-pornography comic book.

Thanks to Bookslut.

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