Friday, May 23, 2003

Guilting the Lilly

Remember the $100 million endowment that heiress Ruth Lilly gave to Poetry Magazine? Word is that National City Bank mishandled the Lilly trusts, the endowment may be a full third smaller than initially planned due to downturns in the stock market, and the Poetry Foundation of Chicago, which publishes Poetry, is suing suing the bank. With all of the hubbub over how the Foundation didn't know how it would handle the endowment -- and how the gift could change the face of poetry publishing as we know it -- couldn't they have just been happy with the amount they were getting? If $100 million freaks you out, maybe $66 million is more your speed.

Plugging the above two articles into Rob's Amazing Poetry Generator, I get the following two poetic takes on the situation:

Poetic justice: Group sues bank unloaded most of
Eli Lilly stock,
about 286 up getting a
spokeswoman for the
Lilly had promised the other Views
justice: Group sues bank
the money to
a lot a direct and its
attorney did not selling for
a Marion County, Ind., probate Court
Officials with
the fund the
fund. By the
of the other Views Poetic justice:
Group received from Ruth Lilly, heiress
of the time the gift Chicago group. Americans for the
fund was created, a
spokeswoman for about $286
up getting a Marion
County, Ind.,
probate Court in Iraq Andrade Brown Falsani Greeley Higgins
Jackson Kupcinet Laney Martire Mitchell Neal Novak
Ontiveros Pickett Quick Takes Richards Roeper
Roeser Sneed Steinberg Steyn
Sweet Washington D.


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Thanks to Moby Lives.

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