Thursday, May 15, 2003

Corollary: The Blogging of Business

Tony Perkins' new Web network project AlwaysOn now offers member blogs. So far, only three members have begun personal blogs within the service, but I like the format better than that of Ecademy, of which I'm also a member. It's nice to see Perkins finally introduce proper blogging to the system instead of just calling every single piece of content -- member contributed and otherwise -- a "blog." We'll see where this goes!

While I can see some value in collective, focused blogging services such as this and Ecademy, I'm not sure I understand the value of being part of a content compiler rather than running my own blog. Part of Media Diet's charm, I like to think, is its independence -- even though I am, oh, so ever loosely affiliated with Cardhouse.

What I would like to see -- and what Tom McManamon of the Nebraska Company would like to see -- is an RSS feed- or LiveJournal-like Friends content aggregator in which blogs I follow all find a home in one metablog. I add, I subtract, I control. Or bloggers can loosely collectivize to create a metablog that syndicates posts to their respective, independent blogs. Then we could read by tribe or by individual mind.

Is anything like that available or in the works?

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