Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Corollary: Workaday World XXXI

Mystery solved! My mom sent the cushion. Not as a replacement couch cushion, but as a cushion for the floor or a large pillow. We had talked about throw pillows and other things that would help me better lounge on the Big Blue Couch on Church Corner, and this was her solution. How funny! When she was at the Crate & Barrel in Boston, my mom even asked the store clerk if signing the gift card Kenny wouldn't be confusing. He said no: "We do that all the time." Seems like an odd thing to do when there's no indication on or in the package who the gift is actually from. Shouldn't the gift card be signed by the sender? I sure think so. Anyway, mystery solved. I don't have to return the cushion, and I can stop worrying about Kenny's friends and hosts, much less the damage he's done to their couches.

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