Monday, May 19, 2003

Geocache Me If You Can II

I found my first cache yesterday! What a neat thing. With the cache located in a part of town that I haven't spent too much time in, I enjoyed walking through the remnants of Cambridgeport's industrial section -- past a row of old cottages that once housed soap factory employees, I'm told -- and to a location that creatively combines Geocaching and local history.

The cache was located exactly where it was supposed to be, which makes me more confident in the accuracy of my Geko, and I wish the park actually had bench seating within the enclosure. I would have lingered longer to read Ray Raphael's A People's History of the American Revolution in the sun.

I don't know if the following is bad form in terms of sharing spoilers with non-Geocachers, but I'm really glad that my first successful cache was located where it was. Within eyeshot of the new Simmons Hall at MIT, which was just featured in this weekend's New York Times Magazine (written up by local literati Pagan Kennedy, no less!), the Fort Washington Historic District is the only surviving physical remnant of the Revolutionary War in Cambridge.

While it's appreciated that the city has preserved the site of Fort Washington, Cambridge could do much more with historical signage. Some sort of explanatory marker -- beyond the small plaques on the pillars near the main entrance gate to the park -- would be nice. Also, word is that the fort was just one of many fortified embankments that crossed cambridge, many ridging Dana Hill. More historical markers to look for!

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