Thursday, March 28, 2002

Read But Dead V
Misleading headline alert! Do not be fooled by Media Bistro's proclamation that long-missed megazine Ben Is Dead is not dead. It still is, as far as I know. But the Bistro uses that teaser of a headline to top off Bill Lessard's study of blogging's roots in the zine world. The dude knows his history and context, name dropping Obscure, Crank, Murder Can Be Fun, and Factsheet Five as precursors to Web sites such as Memepool, Metafilter, and Kuro5hin. His kitchy pop commentary on '80s icons such as Miami Vice and Mad Max hampers the impact of his parallel, relegating zines to the cute and quaint bin, but on the whole, the connections are valid and visible.

Now, if only Bunnyhop would relaunch. That'd be a reincarnation I'd be quite pleased to see.

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