Monday, March 25, 2002

Antisocial Anomaly
This weekend was a very antisocial weekend. Sure, I hung out with Alex on Friday night. Sure, I went to the comic shop and Charlie's (chatted with Anne!) on Saturday. But otherwise, I was housebound. Skipped the Chicks on Speed show Saturday night. Skipped three shows -- Lawrence Arms, River City Rebels, a show at the Kendall -- Sunday to go the grocery store, do laundry, sit on the big blue couch, and read a lot of magazines. Sent out Easter cards. Finished a couple of books I've been taking my time to read.

While I'm sure my antisocial weekend was OK, I feel weird today. Kinda like the weekend didn't happen. Kinda distant because of the silence of friends. Kinda like I should've been a little less antisocial.

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