Friday, March 22, 2002

Magazine Me VIII
Why am I learning about this for the first time in the April issue of Esquire?

A Magazine That Scares Us
R.U. Sirius calls himself a zeitgeist idiot savant. In 1989 he founded Mondo 2000, the prescient tech journal whose influence far exceeded its circulation, and now he's executive editor of The Thresher, a fiery new political magazine whose first issue, published several months before September 11, contained an interview with Hot Zone author Richard Preston about biological warfare, excerpt from a new book on the militarization of domestic law enforcement, and an essay asserting that "a modern [American] president has to kill lots and lots of people." We don't know what's in the second issue, but it comes out this month. Brace yourself.

It used to be that I'd know about these things. I must be losing my touch. Since September? Sheesh.

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