Monday, March 11, 2002

Mailing List List
A friend recently forwarded me an invitation from Ian Jindal soliciting members for a new mailing list concentrating on electronic publishing. Media Dieticians might be interested in checking it out.

I thought you might be interested in a new mailing list dedicated to the business of electronic publishing. The purpose of the list is to act as a meeting place for the many professions and skills involved in electronic publishing in its broader sense: from content to technology, from marketing to project managers, across all platforms -- Web to SMS to iTV.

From my own experience I know that often the brightest sparks fly when professions meet (!) -- exchanging ideas and views, of course! We hope to replicate some of that enjoyment by inviting experienced people to post opinion pieces on a regular basis. Should you be one of those opinion-holders, please do not be shy in letting me know! This list will not, of course, compete with the many excellent specialized community lists. Rather, we are inviting leading contributors from those lists to share their ideas and views with us.

I haven't received any messages yet, so the jury is still out, but this might be a conversation worth joining.

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