Monday, March 11, 2002

North End Moment VI
Moments ago, I found two more Web page porn printouts trapped against the chainlink fence in the back alley. Both blondes. Then, after a quick trip to Bob's for a soda, I came back to find two maintenance men from the old folks' home behind the Scotch & Sirloin building picking up the trash along the edge of their parking lot -- and the alley. The printouts were all gone.

Made me remember my first porn moment -- and lest I continue this recent rash of porn-related entries -- I'm going to recount the story to get it out of my system. I was in grade school. My friend Nathan and I were playing in the fields and sand dunes by his house out on the edge of town. And in the tall grass, we found a Hefty garbage bag full of old Playboy and other magazines, some coverless. We dragged the bag back to his treehouse and hid the magazines under the comic books we kept in a little cardboard treasure chest like the kind you find in dentists' offices. Some of the old Playboys featured Harvey Kurtzman's "Little Annie Fanny" strip -- my first exposure (no pun intended) to Kurtzman and Will Elder's work. This was also the first time I'd ever seen naked people, really, and I was curious: Does everyone have black spots -- circles and bars -- obscuring their private parts?

Lest you still be curious: No. The black spots were used so some magazines could work around postal code classifications. People don't have them.

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