Thursday, January 17, 2002

Weeding the Web
In a recent column, Dan Gillmor contends that highly accurate search responses via services like Google have made highly specific domain names a thing of the past. "If you and I can quickly locate the Web address we're seeking, who cares what it's called?" he says.

Hiawatha Bray has a slightly different perspective in his Boston Globe column today. Suggesting that the new .name domain could be a step toward the "ultimate personal ID," he waxes enthusiastic that folks can secure their own names as Web addresses. And he states that .name will make it easier to keep in touch with business colleagues, friends, and family. But will it? I'm not sure. I know the email addresses for folks I need to be in regular contact with... and if I don't, I can track them down pretty easily by searching the Web, contacting a mutual friend, or... calling them on the phone.

Still, the idea of having the email address is intriguing -- because if I wanted to contact, say, Michael Dittman, who I was trying to get in touch with again recently, I could just email and not worry about finding his email address or whether it was still valid. But ultimate personal ID? Hmm...

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