Monday, January 14, 2002

As mentioned previously in Media Diet, Jason Little's comic strip Bee is one of the best comics currently on the Web. And it just came to my attention that his sole print venue -- the New York Press -- just dropped the strip, less than halfway through the current story, leaving thousands hanging. If you feel inspired to register your displeasure, letters may be sent to:

The Mail
New York Press
333 7th Ave., 14th floor
New York, NY

You can also email the paper.

Per Jason: "Bear in mind that concealing your status as a non-resident of New York City, or your status as a cartoonist will lend your comments more credence, as will genuine postal mail. I thank you for your support."

Shutterbug Follies will continue unbowed online. The collected hardcover is still firmly on schedule for a Sept. 15, 2002 release. Email Jason if you have other ideas of ways readers can help -- or if you'd like more information on the situation.

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