Tuesday, January 08, 2002

With some Christmas money from my grandmother and a recent FC bonus, I've gone on a bit of a technology buying spree lately. My VCR at home isn't working very well, so I just bought a new VCR. And falling prey to the recent DVD craze, I've also gotten a DVD player and signed up for NetFlix. Woohoo! The movies in my queue have already begun to ship.

Add to that one cell phone. I used to have a cell phone for work but turned it in to help FC save money. I've been missing it lately, so on Sunday, I signed up with AT&T wireless for a cell phone. The plan is good, the cost isn't too bad, and it's nice to have a phone with me while I walk again. I was even able to check voicemail from my mom and dad while standing in the shelter and sanctuary of a church doorway on Union Square while waiting for the bus Sunday night in the midst of the cold, cold wind and rain. Now that's progress!

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