Wednesday, January 30, 2002

Buy Yourself a Band! IV
Email to the Explosion: Did I see Damian at that goofy Miki Singh & Jetset show at the Karma Club last night? Jef and I -- both in the Anchormen -- were distraught by the lack of local punk and indie-rock kids to balance out the older dot-commies and techvolk, and when we saw who we thought was Damian, we said to each other, "Now it's less depressing. The Explosion is here!"

True; I was there. I was DJ'ing next door for my friend's art opening at Bill's. After hearing all about the huge production this guy blew all his cash on I had to check it out. I didn't even see the band, but the whole thing seemed pretty lame. I ended up going over to the Middle East to catch a little bit of Murphy's Law -- the exact opposite of what was going on at Axis. Jimmy Gestapo has been in that band something like 19 years and he's still singing his old songs about beer, weed, bongs, girls, beer, and um... beer. I heard Jetset has a ton of talented musicians though.

By the way, have you checked out START! yet? It's a night I'm doing at Bill's Bar on Saturdays with Gibby. I spin punk, postpunk, garage and psych, and lots of other stuff too. It's a good time. Check it out some time.

Oh yeah. What was with the camo?
-- Damian

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