Tuesday, January 08, 2002

From the In Box: Turning the Page
Howdy. I found you via Google. Like you, I swear by my Mead Fat Little Wireless Neatbook. I'm the TV critic at the Kansas City Star and have a daily Web site.

It appears Mead has discontinued the product! Walgreen's ran out of them, Staples no longer carries it, and meadweb.com is bogged down. But a Web search for the product number (57190) came up empty.

Have you run into a shortage of Neatbooks? And what will we possibly do without them?
-- Aaron Barnhart

I've contacted the Executive Assistant to Neil McLachlan, President of Mead School and Office Products in Dayton, Ohio, to see what the deal is. I, myself, haven't noticed a lack of Neatbooks, and truth be told -- I haven't used too many in the last 6-9 months... I wrote that review a couple of years ago... and tend to use standard reporter's notebooks or scrap paper now. I'll pass on word when I head back from Mead.

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