Wednesday, January 09, 2002

From the In Box: From the Reading Pile IV
Heath! Hoped I'd hear from you again. I went through Atlanta recently and tried some ole f'ing number. You in Boston now? I'm squattin' New York. Every night I go out selling comic books on the subway for a dollar each. And they're getting a little better each time. No shit, I'm selling 100 books every night: young folks, black folks, white folks, asian dudes, latinas, fogies, businessheads and dreds alike. I never know who´ll stop me and buy a book. Now I'm in Mexico. A place called Tamazunchale. I like it. I'm sleepin' for free by the river in a nylon sack. But the bugs, ooh, the bugs. Barato gets what barato gets. Cheap is as cheap does. I'm releasing a rap cartoon book (with album) under the name Jupe some time next year. I'm taking the photos. Don´t know if it'll work, but whatthefuck. One more barber shop infinite reflection. Besides, I got some songs worked out, and other titles waiting to be fleshed out. I'm in Boston several times a year if you're around there. And you're welcome to crash with me and Makiko (my Japanese mamasita) in Long Island City. -- J.R. Poush

Gosh. Thanks! But I don't think we know each other. #14 was the first issue of your comic that I'd read, and I'm curious where you think we know each other from!

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