Monday, January 07, 2002

From the In Box: From the Reading Pile V
Hey, now that's cool! Haven't had any feedback in a while, much less a critique/review thingie. Thanks for the words, Heath. Can I ask where you managed to pick up Engine! #5? It's the most widely distributed one, and I never know how it gets itself out there.

Also, you mentioned you liked the watercolor stuff. Well, most of my work is done with brush, ink, and watercolor. The no-light-box interior art was kinda rushed for SPX 2000, as well as being just black washes. Anyway, please check out "Flora" on my Web site if you get a chance. The story is from my first three Engine! books, but it's in color. I also need to re-upload the color pages from Stone Cold Fish (Engine! #6). I took it down because all I had were grayscale scans left over from getting the book printed.

Anything I do in the future will have more of the same, hopefully better. Most reviews (mainly from distributors) think it's all too sloppy.
-- Toby Craig

I probably picked up Engine! at the Million Year Picnic in Cambridge. Don't worry about being too sloppy. I wasn't struck by sloppiness at all when I read your stuff. But maybe distributors are more important than readers. ^_^

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