Monday, January 28, 2002

Anchormen, Aweigh! III
What an exhausting weekend! We spent about 22.5 hours at the Sound Museum to record about 80 minutes worth of basic tracks that we'll mix down to eight songs maxing out at about 20 minutes.

We spent Friday setting up the practice space to record, taking much longer than we'd planned. Saturday was a low-energy and long day -- about 12 hours. I started the day awakened by my landlord knocking on my door to tell me that they were turning off the water to do some plumbing work. I couldn't shower or shave, and I had to use the bathroom at a Burger King before heading to the South End. Showering and shaving Sunday morning felt amazing. On Sunday -- a beautifully sunny and warm day (a shame to be inside!) -- we listened to the basic tracks we recorded Saturday and did four new takes -- a much more fun and high-energy performance.

We've decided to release these eight songs as an eight-song EP, saving up newer songs for our next, hopefully longer CD.

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