Monday, October 06, 2003

Virtual Book Tour 2: The Movie I Watched Last Night

My favorite movies about movies: Cinema Paradiso -- an all-time fave. I always cry when the older director visits his childhood bedroom, and the kissing montage at the end lays me out. I also like Living in Oblivion; it's so dark and funny. I laughed a lot at Bowfinger, too, where Steve Martin tricks Eddie Murphy into being in his movie. When I think of people watching movies in movies, the first image that comes to mind is Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan. There she is again: Madonna Goddess of the Silver Screen. Ugh. It's always interesting in movies where they have a character watching a certain movie, because the choice always tells you a lot about the character, like what is the movie Rosie O'Donnell and Meg Ryan watch in Sleepless in Seattle? I can't remember, but it was some romantic movie. If they'd been watching The Exorcist 2, it would have been a totally different movie.

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