Saturday, October 04, 2003

BloggerCon 2003

Morning Coffee Notes: Dave Winer

Dave Winer is a fellow of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at the Harvard Law School. He is host of BloggerCon 2003. Here is a rough transcript of his talk:

I have some ground rules. Everything said here is on the record, for attribution. This is also a user's conference. We do have vendors present, and we're here to talk about how this technology is used. We're looking at uses. Another ground rule: Let's not debate whether blogs are journalism. Blogs are journalism. And blogs aren't journalism. Think of it as an instrument. I don't think those debates go anywhere. That said, the question, "What is a Weblog?" is a very good question. Because we're in an academic setting, we do care about that.

These are some ideas that I jotted down, things that I think are hot topics. How much editing can you do on a Weblog? How many people? I've tried to write my own definition of a Weblog: The unedited voice of a person. Somehow in there, there's a concept: The editorial product of a professional news organization and the editorial product of a blog. Does it make sense for the New York Times to have a blog? New York magazine now has a Weblog. We're one word away from the New York Times

Another thing, think of this as a Weblog. We have a bunch of bloggers in the room. Think of the microphone as a pointer. Conferences and blogs share a lot in common. We're going to talk about the Second Superpower, which resonated hugely with people. We're going to look at the Cluetrain 2003. How do you join the conversation?

I've had my cynical years. I've had my great years. Now I'm cynical again. But there's this streak of idealism running through the whole thing. I don't think we're going to talk about money. Maybe at some point, BloggerCon 2030, money will be on the table. One thing for sure, presidential politics are on the table.

What is the Dean phenomenon about? Was it the blogging world finding a candidate? Or was it a candidate using the Internet?

What comes next?

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