Monday, October 20, 2003

Games People Play XIII

Saturday morning, after a quick blessing by the Reverend Father Asteroids, Brad and I hit the road to head north to Weirs, New Hampshire, where we spent much of the day at Funspot, the second-largest arcade in the country. Funspot -- "the spot for fun" -- claims the largest collection of classic video games in the world. Between now and Jan. 16, 2004, if you buy $20 worth of tokens -- 80 tokens -- Funspot offers a coupon for 50 free tokens. What a deal! Brad and I went crazy. Here are some snaps:

I'll have to head back. We didn't have much time to poke around Weirs Beach, and there are several functioning tour railroads nearby. Among them:

  • The Mount Washington Cog Railway
  • The Hobo Railroad and Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad
  • The Conway Scenic Railroad
  • The Hartmann Model Railroad and Toy Museum

    You can access a guide to New Hampshire's scenic railroads online.

    Also not so far away is Ruggles Mine and Lost River Gorge and Boulder Caves, which seem cool.

    Ah. At home, I'm a tourist.
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