Monday, October 06, 2003

Virtual Book Tour 2: Event-O-Dex

As far as events go, I'm going to be doing a reading/signing of Screening Party in Seattle on Thursday, Oct. 16, at 7 p.m. at Bailey Coy Books (414 Broadway East), which should be good for a few laughs. I usually have a full cast of folks reading with me. I'm going up there for The Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. I'm hosting an event there called the Home Video Gong Show, which is where people bring videos from home -- whether they made them or just happen to have them -- and we screen them for a panel of celeb judges who either Gong or score them. At the LA version, which I've hosted every July for the last five years, we've discovered such gems as The Dixie Carter Unworkout, excerpts from a TV movie where Kate Jackson broke her arm and had to keep filming -- it's genius the way they tried to hide it -- and a very popular old video of a young girl beiong taught about her period. It's going to be a nutty night.

Some other events that I like are the Last Remaining Seats series. Every June, the LA Conservancy screens old movies at the old movie palaces on Broadway downtown. If you're around LA and love old archeticture and movies, you gotta check it out. They always have celeb guests being interviewed or fashion shows or some such thing. I'm also a big fan of the American Cinematheque series at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. Earlier this year, they did a series of musicals of the '70s and '80s that was heaven. I saw Xanadu, the Apple, which is absolutely nuts, and Fame, which made me cry five times because I felt bad for all the talented kids who would never succeed.

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