Thursday, October 16, 2003

Corollary: Technofetishism XLV

I don't think our firewall is set yet so I can actually use my iSight camera and iChat AV outside of the office yet, but I was thrilled to find several online resources that help iSight users connect and communicate. After all, if you don't have a lot of friends with iSights, who're you going to iChat with?

iChatters seems to be one of the better tools, offering a number of dedicated thematic chat rooms that members can align with. While the room organization is interesting, iChatters isn't very adept at helping you find people -- much less people online now. iChatFinder is much better, focusing more on the members and their profiles. The profiles are quite robust -- think Friendster with iSights -- and you can browse members based on whether they're currently online. This is what iSight-related services need to do!

Seeser's user interface is slightly difficult to navigate, and it seems that in addition to the ability to search members based on location, the service offers discussion forums in which users can connect. And iChattin does much the same. iChattin's forums are light on member introductions and heavy on chat requests, which seems an odd about face.

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