Wednesday, October 08, 2003

The Restaurant I Ate at Last Night XXIV

Last night, a friend and I checked out Namaskar, a new Indian restaurant in Davis Square in Somerville. Quite a bit better than Diva in terms of decor, food, and service, Namaskar impressed me quite a bit. Basically, Namaskar is a fancy restaurant hiding behind reasonable prices. The interior design is amazing, and the restaurant is extremely tastefully lit. The partial suspended ceiling really works well. And the food? My friend and I shared an aloo nan, lamb saag, and chicken vindaloo. Neither dish was overly spicy, even though we requested them to be "hot," but everything was extremely good. Even the glass of milk I ordered.

The service was a little intense on the upsell, trying to get us to buy beverages and desserts we didn't want. "Anything to drink, sir?" "I'll have a glass of milk." "Perhaps a coffee? A special coffee?" "No." "OK, how about you ma'am. Anything to drink?" "No." "Coke?" "No." "Sprite?" "No." "Ginger ale?" "No." At the very end, I declined more ice water, and the man with the pitcher said, "Please, sir," and insisted on pouring me half a glass even though we were about to leave. It was hilarious.

Right now, the restaurant doesn't have a liquor license, but if and when it secures one, Namaskar will be a classy establishment indeed, especially if they can cut back on the upsell. The place was practically empty. They didn't need to pressure us.

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